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DNA Clearing & Restructuring and Strand Activation Sessions

Imagine your DNA as a sculpture. A sculpture we become aware of together. A sculpture that we recreate. First by getting rid of those points that we don't like and those that don't serve us anymore and then recreate to our satisfaction!

What are my benefits you ask me!!

Each client experiences different results but all of them experience results!

-Emotional transformations that release past traumas.

-Greater manifesting abilities to get what you want when you want

-Clairvoyance and psychic abilities (if this is in your interest)

-A better understanding of your life's purpose

-But most of all a better way to age, to heal, to not be susceptible to disease and illnesses and even many times to heal dis (ease) that we already carry!!


dna clearing

Clearings are powerful cleansing sessions that go straight to your weakest DNA spiral. They are used to remove health issues in yourself and your DNA lineage as well as clearing mental, emotional and spiritual debris carried in the family line that is not serving you.

Trauma, emotional baggage keeping your heart closed, mental issues and personality traits, as well as blockages, curses , hexes and more can be removed or transformed.

Beliefs and mindset have been adopted through observing our family behaviour, sometimes even our friends or the people that are close to us. All this is embued in our DNA. These DNA sessions will help anyone to clear out physical, emotional, spiritual and mental patterns like poverty, lack of cash, fear, lack of healthy relationships and more.

It is truly a gift to yourself not only for yourself but your children and family line.

 It is a powerful session that is split in two meetings. The first is approximately 2 hrs and the second 30 minutes.


As mentioned above, in these sessions we treat your DNA as a sculpture. In this second part of Healing your DNA we do the recreation of your strand.

Do you want to age better, less wrinkles, a fit body? Then we add that to your structure!

Could it be letting go of past trauma, addictions, false beliefs and more? We can remove that, command it to end or simply weaken it.

Are there body systems that are weaker, we recode them to be stronger.


Are chronic pain, illness, disease something you do not want?

Have you been through an illness and you want your body and energy to recoup itself and be stronger and healthier, then we add that as well!

Could your intuition be off, are you lacking discernment or psychic abilities, is self confidence your missing link? All this and more could be recoded in a restructuring session!!

Each restructuring session works on one strand, starting on your weakest strand and where you need the most help! Each time we work with 62 different qualities that you would like to restructure and transform!

This as well is a two part session! In one part we talk and set up your new DNA sculpture (1hr-1.5hrs), then I recode everything as we have discussed on my own time. In the second session we go through process of passing these downloads into your energy to leave you with a fresh strand of DNA. (usually 45min to an hour)


Dna clearing -$147

Dna restructuring $197

12 Dna Activations $297

If you choose to do the DNA clearing and restructuring together-$297

For all 3 sessions together $497 - Ask about payment plan!

The whole process will be split up in 5 sessions with me and work I will do without your physical presence.

yorahealing-12 strand

yorahealing-12 strand

dna - 12 strand activation

The Ancient civilizations held knowledge that we are just scratching the tip of the iceberg. They knew that we as humans did not have only our 2 DNA strands visible in our bodies but another 10 in our energy bodies. The Curandero Lineage of Mexice from which Yora is in the 25th generation of, has passed on to us this knowledge. In this session she will activate all of your DNA strands. The whole process will take 24 days in which she will work with 2 of your strands for 2 days each time. Activating, clearing, setting sacred geometry downloads and emanations. If you have ever heard all the hype of social media about going towards the 5th dimension, well here you are. This is the first step towards you shifting your DNA, the way you heal, age and manifest!

Investment for a life time of returns :$297!!

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