Why Work With Me...

Working with me means gaining a trusted partner on your journey. With my expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering support, together we will overcome obstacles, unlock your potential, and create lasting positive change in your life...

Healing tools to use

Give yourself the chance to discuss with me and discover my vast arsenal of healing tools tailored to your needs!

Deep understanding

With keen insight and empathetic understanding, I have the ability to see beyond the surface, into the core of the matter!

Easy of interaction

Seamless and effortless communication awaits you as I offer easy accessibility, ensuring a smooth and convenient connection with me!

My services to YOU!

Welcome to my healing and transformation world. I offer a holistic approach that combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With my personalized or group sessions and classes , I guide you through energy healing, mindset shifts, and self-discovery, empowering you to transcend limitations and step into your true potential. Begin your journey of transformation and embrace a life of balance, harmony, and inner peace. 

Find your Inner Law

Do you have patterns in your life that keep coming back again and again, even though you seem to do the work or think you have learnt the lesson?

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Have you tried to jump on the bandwagon of  'the Secret' or using the Law of Abundance, or any other of the Universal Laws and still have difficulty alligning yourself to them? Do you have patterns in your life that keep coming back again and again, even though you seem to do the work or think you have learnt the lesson? In that case your Inner Law is so dominant in your life and it is possibly blocking you from growing and developing for your highest good. What is an inner Law you ask! Well, there are 12 Inner Laws with 2 polarities each! We all have 1 inner law dominant in our life and several other laws that work on an secondary level!

But, it's that one inner law that usually deters us! In this session, we will go through a series of questions that will lead me to discovering your Inner Law! Using my intuition and knowledge on these laws, and the downloads I have received through the unbroken lineage of Curanderos led by Starr Fuentes, I will work with you revealing this law. We will talk about how this law affects you and I will create a grid of sacred geometry that will be installed in your aura that will work towards balancing this law.

Investment is $150 for the session including one grid!

Working with Animals

The way I work with pets is through Light Language Grids and energy work. The process is similar to how I work with a human!

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Have you ever thought that traditional medicine is not enough for your pets or even maybe too harsh? Like all pet lovers, do you consider your pet part of your family! I have been working with pets for many years and could say they are some of my best clients!

Reason is pets don't have an ego to hide behind of and allow me to truly see what they need.

I have been blessed with the ability to communicate with pets and hear their thoughts and subconscious thoughts! And if you ask some of my clients and friends they'll tell you that they are all very expressive and on point with the messages I receive!

The way I work with pets is through Light Language Grids and energy work. The process is similar to how I work with a human. After a short free consultation, we will decide if I can assist your pet and how. At this point I will ask for a picture or even seeing your pet on camera if this is doable, though pictures usually work best.

Depending on the issue at hand I will suggest a package of grids that will be needed to assist your beloved pets in their needs.       Investment is estimated and depends on the amount of help that your pet requires.

Prices start at $99 which includes energy scan and subconscious reading of the pet with one 49 shape intention grid included (for more information on the 49 shape grids please check ) up to and including the possibility of it needing more than one grid or even a 144 grid (for cancers/chronic illnesses).

Grids are not all made at 1 time but gradually as I see how your pet heals and responds to the energies.

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Healing Sessions for children

In a world where viruses are holding the forefront of our attention, I decided to create a service just for children! 

(to be announced!)

First Rite of Munai Ki

This rite of initiation is given with the first rite of Munay Ki, the rite of the healer. Either you are an Individual or a professional healer, you open your channels of energy to all the supportive energies that are there for us to receive!

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Are you an empath? Do you feel like everytime you are around people or even certain places you suck in all the negative energies and the feelings that are there? Do you feel drained after being with certain people? Or do you just want a way to take in all the crap that is around you and use it as fertilizer for your energy instead of having it weigh you down?

If so, the Bands of Power, one of the rites from Munay ki is perfect for you! In this rite you energetically receive a set of bands of power that grow and bloom each time they receive energy from external sources. After the rite, you are protected, you are not affected by others negative energies or thoughts. Their feelings do not trigger you and you can work more on your inner peace.

This rite of initiation is given with the first rite of Munay Ki, the rite of the healer. As empaths, you probably want to also heal everyone you come in contact with or heal the energy that surrounds you. By receiving the Rite of Healer you become more in touch with the healing energies of the universe! You open your channel of energy to all the supportive energies that are there for us to receive!

For Professional Healers these rites of initiation can be a great boost and asset to your work! You won't be affected by your clients energies but instead receive them and transmute them into positive energy and food for you! You will also find yourself with a greater ability to heal and to connect with healing energies!

Your investment for this is $55 as you only pay something for my time and my energy, the rites are gifted  from one healer to another!

They Say





...I feel safe knowing that she will help me in a difficult moment...

My name is Agni and I had the pleasure of being a student of Yora. Why pleasure? Because while I'm not an easy person, I felt comfortable with Yora from the first moment! She is a wonderful teacher, an incredible person and I feel honored to have met her! As her student, I feel safe knowing that she will help me in a difficult moment by sharing her knowledge with me.


Yora Healing reviews

I thank my teacher Yora from the bottom of my heart for teaching it to me. I thank her for the energy she gave me when we did the lessons (I miss her positive aura)!

For understanding my demanding schedule (we  always found time that was most suitable to me to attend the classes). 

For the way he taught, simple, clear, understandable, with many examples...! to make it easier for me to understand! with a lot of humor and at the same time seriousness.



I am extremely grateful for the grids you ve made for guinea pigs. Although I had lost any hope my girl responded to the vet's treatment against all odds.

My beloved Queen who suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and pericardial effusion, seems completely healed four months past now, thanks to the grids you ' ve made for her. 

argiro derou