Light Language Grids

Everything is possible,

as long as it is with good intention

and to your highest good!

Mayan Light Language Grids

Mayan Light Language is one of the languages of the universe! It is an interdimensional prayer/intention practice using colors and sacred geometry to set forth an intention into energetic form. Working in our physical, energetic, mental and spiritual planes to shift our reality and to create the intention we set forth. In reality, even if we have no knowledge of Light Language we are still communicating using it without consciously realizing it.

Our thoughts and emotions emanate and send shapes and colors to others that vibrate our intention not always using the proper shapes or colors. By having a grid created for your intention you assure yourself you are vibrating in the correct frequency, thus attracting your goals and making the shifts and changes you intent in your life. Do you want to create your own reality? Do you wish to bring things to your life that keep slipping away? Are there goals in your mind you have not yet achieved? Extra cash, a good relationship, healing? Are there beliefs you wish you could change? Read more about how Light Language Grids could help you.

A Grid is a precisely designed sequence of shapes and colors that is installed energetically in your aura and energetic field. There are a variety of grids depending on your needs and desires. A grid is installed for a particular amount of time or eternally depending on the type. There are basically 7 shape,12 shape, 49 shape and 144 shape grids.


What will you receive during this service?

-a phone call or zoom call to discuss your needs and energy shifts you wish to create

-an activated grid in pdf form that you can print to use on your desk/altar/home

-a high magic activation and energy clearing

-an email stating what shifts have been asked to occur and how, in other words what your grid is saying.

-in the advanced 144 grid, 2 or more phone calls may be needed to clarify your intention and how you would like it set to manifest, also to delve deeper into your needs and requests for that one intention.

It is suggested, before you have 49 shape or 144 gridwork done, that you have 7/12 shape personal chakra grids activated in your energy field. Reason being when we exude a certain energy, it is easier to receive the manifestation we request.

Packages are available upon request and will be at a discounted price, payment plans are available for these.

Personal CHAKRA GRID (7 & 12 shapes)

A 7 shape grid is a personal grid, it is installed in a person's aura to attract energy in a certain way. It works with the 7 chakra system changing the ways your energy centers receive and transmit energy information. As I say in simple terms it is your new dress or suit of clothes. Depending on the 'clothes' you are wearing the universe receives a vibration which tells it what it should send back to you. 'As above, so below!'


A 7 shape grid could be personal or could establish the energy or feel in your home or office. It could be placed on your website, bank account , car and more

When utilizing the 12 shape grid we utilize the 12 chakra system. It is an amazing way to wake up higher energies, connect to 5D, heal your feminine and masculine divine or simply shift the way you receive those energies. At the same time restructure the way you manifest, attract, express yourself and even how you receive intuition. The 12 shape grid can be created for living beings, places, things. Also for Ideas or ideals you may desire in your energetic field.

Energy exchange:

7 -shape PersonalChakra Grid:  $59

12 -shape PersonalChakra Grid:  $89

stationery CHAKRA GRID (7 & 12 shapes)

Grids could also be made for your home, office, website or anything else stationary.

Just like us our surroundings attract and utilize certain energies but at the same time can collect stagnant, chaotic or not so attractive energies. When you book a session to create a stationary grid I assess the energy of your space (website, bank account, car etc) and clear the unwanted energies.

Together we decide what energies you would like it to attract and how you would like it to feel and then I create a grid that will represent that through shapes and colors of sacred geometry. 


Once the grid is activated you will feel the change of energy in your space. Just like all other grids you will receive a pdf of the grid that you could print and place in your home. All you need to do is keep working towards your goals and your home/office will now also support you in your new path to your best life!

Energy exchange:

7 -shape Stationery Chakra Grid:  $59

12 -shape Stationery Chakra Grid:  $89

49-shape grids

These grids deal with a very specific intention. Each colored shape is chosen by its meaning and is set with an intention of addressing a nuanced state of being. It is like writing a story in shapes and colors, guiding the energy where the issue is and how it should be healed.

This energetic blueprint of specific frequencies works together to manifest deep, multifaceted change on a profound level!


Once an intent is identified, I use my intuition and ability to sense the energies to create the flow to manifest the positice change you desire to create. Once I create the grid, I activate it and send you a copy to have something tangible to see. All you have to do is keep working towards your desire and the universe will assist with the rest to make things happen.

You receive the grid with your intention and a package of God form of community grids that lead back to your intention. In this way your desire may bring a healing to a larger number of people thus creating a ripple effect. Otherwise you may choose an enviromental, world issue etc that you would like to send a healing to. The God form/community grids are my gift to you and the universe to balance for the requests/desires you may ask for.

Increase in your finances, better job, new job, new mate, anything in the physical world on a realistic level as well as beliefs, karmic patterns , vows, and more can be altered or created in a 49 shape grid.

Energy exchange: $99 

144-shape GRIDS

Having a certain deep need for total transformation in one area of your life, you can request the creation of a 144 shape grid. These advanced grids work on a deeper level and they are eternal. The transformation they bring is profound. They work on your DNA as well as many dimensions and parallel universes to bring forth your desired manifestation. 


They could be for healing, cash, emotions missing in your life (joy, abundance , self esteem, self confidence etc), for issues in your blood lines, changing beliefs or even bringing forth you ability to be a master healer/teacher/dancer/athlete or whatever your intention is.

Each grid is a accompanied with a community/ God form grid of your choice towards an enviromental/world issue you support or even include your intention but bring that particular healing to more people and create a ripple effect back to you.

Energy exchange: $229 

Inner law 49-shape

Inner laws are patterns we have created in our life due to beliefs, experiences or genetic situation. These laws may assist or contradict universal laws we may wish to work with. For example, a person may wish for more abundance or a better job but their inner law may be based on 'do not deserve'. This pattern is how they operate and function, so no matter how much they follow the ways of how to work with the law of abundance, they still will not go forth in their wishes.


In this session we go a bit deeper, you respond to certain questions and delve into the patterns of your life that hold you hostage. Together we discover which is the dominating law in your life and how this affects you. Once this is done, the next step is for me to create a 49 shape intention grid with special shapes called Catalans, to create a balance in your life in this inner law.

Energy exchange:  $159

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