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Mayan Light Language Classes

Coming from the Mayan Lineage of the Curanderos of Mexico, from 26 generations of miracle healers, Light Language is one of the languages of creation.

This, as all Light Language courses, being a caught teaching means you must be in the presence of a Light Language teacher to receive the initiations and the downloads of the shapes and colors and activations of the grids!

Yora Mitsakos is a Transformation coach/healer and teacher. She has been in the alternative energy field for over 25 years...


Yora Mitsakos is a Transformation coach/healer and teacher. She has been in the alternative energy field for over 25 years.

At the same time while studying Physiotherapy and Special Kinesiology, she was trained by George Kypriotakis (hypnotist, metaphysician and past life regressionist).

She went abroad where she continued her studies under Sierra Bender, creator of the 4body fit system and Yoga teacher. Through Sierra's method she worked with women who had been traumatized, abused or experienced depression and anxiety disorders.

She is also certified in Bikram Hot Yoga, Theta Healing, and has studied for years various methods of subconscious belief work, such as the Silva method.

She is a Mayan Light language teacher and practitioner, working with different disciplines coming from the Curandero (Shaman of Mexico). She specializes in DNA Cleansing and reprogramming through ancient techniques and knowledge, creating energy grids for assistance in manifestation, clearing patterns, beliefs and diseases ingrained in a person's DNA or energetic body.

She organizes workshops abroad and now in Greece for health improvement, manifestation, reprogramming of beliefs, mental and psychological health, and much more.

Light language-level 1 Extensive (beginner)

Duration: 9-12h

It is the first class in a series of initiations that gives the ability to communicate with the universe in a pure, direct way that supports your highest good.

Light Language is the language of the source and as such, is the leading means of healing, development, abundance, transformation and evolution.


At this level you will receive:

-initiation for 7 sacred shapes and 7 colors

-initiation to be able to create and activate personal grids of 7 vibrations that will align with your chakras

-you will learn how to clear your chakras and reset them with the vibration of your choice

-you will be able to create 7 vibration grids for your friends, family, clients and pets

-create grids for any stationary object like your car, website, bank account, home to attract the vibrations you desire.

-over 50 dictionary grids with meanings such as prosperity, abundance, healing, and more to use

The benefits of receiving Light Language  1

-creating 7 shape grids for yourself and others (clients, friends or family)

-alligning yourself or others for the highest good, while communicating to the universe how and what you would like to experience.

-removing barriers and obstacles from your consciesness

-attracting prosperity and abundance

-the ability to emanate combinations of shapes and colors to anyone in the universe to bring about healing, communication and more

-discover your own geometries and colors and how to transform and create the shift in your life that you desire as well as doing the same for others

-opening up to new possibilities, while understanding your essence and your hold backs in a way that you will now be able to transform in a simple way

This Class has a duration of about 9-12 hours and it costs $222 or $111 for 2nd time or graduates (if that is the case, please contact me here). Reduced price is offered in case of 2 or 3 Levels at once .  Also if there is an interest of 2 persons or more for a specific class, there is a discount of 20% off for each person. If your currency is EUR, please contact me for payment options.

light language - level 2 (intermediate)

Duration: 20-25h

The second level of Mayan Light Language delves deeper into the use of shapes and colors to bring about your desired intentions.

Thoughts, emotions, actions, patterns, habits, beliefs...they are all reflected in our auric field as geometries, carrying different frequencies that our spirit perceives as colors. By becoming more aware of the geometries around you and within you, you can learn to emanate new geometries and colors to create a long lasting transformation or to fine tune qualities you already have. This is one of the most powerful tools to become a consious co-creator of your life!! It will take you to a higher leap of manifestation and creation!!


In Light Language 2 you will receive:

-initiation in 13 shapes and 18 colors

-the knowledge and ability to create 49 shape grids with intention.

-being a caught teaching you will receive in your auric field all these shapes and colors that you will later be able to emanate and bring change to your world.

-11 sets and stages that represent the flow of life in the physical and energetic planes of your existence

-over 144 of ready made health grids that you can use for yourself or others

-over 300 combinations of shapes and colors and their attributes

What are the benefits of receiving the 2nd level of Light Language?

-all the benefits of LL1 are amplified, more shapes, colors combinations means more FUN and more ability to create and transform your life and others life

-creating 49 shaped grids with an intention on any topic you desire to manifest/create/heal

-49 shape grids give you the ability to mend your physical health (pain, illnesses, disease) emotional, mental and spiritual state, your relations, coupling, income, travel, self transformation and more

-Remove obstacles, barriers, and blockages from your consciousness in order to support yourself and others to your highest good.

-being of service to your community and its needs by learning how to create community or God grids

-creating consciously new opportunities, manifesting desires and making changes to your life that would normally take a long time, in a quicker and easier way.

-doing all this for yourself and for your clients!!

Book your initiation in LL II now!!

This Class has a duration of about 20-25 hours and it costs $555. Reduced price is offered in case of Level 1+2. Also if there is an interest of 2 persons or more for a specific class, there is a discount of 20% off for each person. If your currency is EUR, please contact me for payment options.

light language - level 3 (advanced)

Duration: 40-50h

So you have taken level 1 and 2 and you are ready to master creation in geometries and vibrations! You are ready to take yourself to the next level and beyond. In this level you will create 144 shape grids that extend through the dimensions, to the here and now. You learn how to go thru the process of creating a grid that will bring about whatever quality you require and deserve and bring it to mastery. These grids will continue to work through time and dimensions until they bring about your ultimate desire.


What you receive in Level 3?

-80 polyhedra (combination shapes), their meanings and uses, over 150 colors and the detailed explanation of each, shapes like toroids that help rid of bacteria, viruses, habits , toxic situations and more.

-unknown shapes like clarity, detox, forgiveness and how to give them the vibration you desire by coloring them

-extra sets and stages to use in your 49 shaped grids including 'parallel universe'(for cash and mates) 'exorcism'to get rid of toxic entities, implants etc, 'axiotonal' (for jetlag and allignment with the land you are living)and several more

-120 health grids that assist in healing a variety of cancers

-knowledge on how to create health grids for chronic diseases and cancers using the proper colors and shapes in the right parts of the grid

-the ability to work through time to bring healing not only to the here and now but generations that have passed and generations to come

-144 grids work not only on this reality but thru time and dimensions to make this the future we desire, they work on the depth of our DNA, changing the way we heal, age, grow and transform

-you will receive favorite combinations that have been tried and tested by the teacher and her clients

-understand the mechanics of how a 144 grid works in detail!

-create grids to become Master of what you desire.....master healer, master teacher, master author, inventor, dancer and more

-serve your community by creating such in depth grids for the world around you!

-all this and more will be part of this detailed dive in shapes, colors and energies!!

This Class has a duration of about 40-50 hours and it costs $1,555. Reduced price is offered in case of all 3 Levels. Also if there is an interest of 2 persons or more for a specific class, there is a discount of 20% off for each person. If your currency is EUR, please contact me for payment options.

catalan solids & Inner laws

Duration: 10-12h

A course to delve deep into yourself, the way you manifest and live your life. A great place to start if you have not worked with Mayan Light Language and the Curanderos traditions.

The inner laws are a laws that have been created by patterns in our life. They are the biggest opposition to the Universal Laws. There are 12 inner Laws that embody and represent many intricate details of our life story, the environment we were raised in, the type of parents, the fated events and people we met along the way that changed our life. All these things shaped us as adults and they were not always constructive or positive traits. All this creates how we live and most of all how we manifest and what we manifest in our life.


What is this Class about?

In this class we will discover your most dominant law and trait. This Inner Law comes with quirks and traits but carries one characteristic that is the most important. We will be discussing all of these and assisting you to discover which it is. Get to know this part of yourself and become more aware of how it shapes your decisions as well as the direction that relationships that unfold. The Inner Law is a fixed energy, unconscious of itself and it does not observe the results of your life as affected by its whims.

What are the Catalans?

The Catalans are duals of the Archimedean shapes, according to the Curandero tradition, these shapes help heal and balance your Inner Laws as well as assist you in other parts of your life.

You will receive the initiation and the downloads for these shapes. Each shape will be given to you in 3 vibrations/colors that will affect a different part of your inner law. If you have the prerequisites of Light Language 1 and 2 you will be taught how to create grids to heal and balance your Inner Laws. These shapes can also be used as emanations if you do not work with the technique of grid creating yet.

This Class has a duration of about 10-12 hours and it costs $349. Also if there is an interest of 2 persons or more for a specific class, there is a discount of 20% off for each person. If your currency is EUR, please contact me for payment options.

advanced principles and high magic

Duration: 10-12h

Are you ready to awaken your higher consciousness and learn to work with the 12 chakra energy system? Do you want to be alligned with Archangels and Ascended Masters and learn how to use their sets and stages in your 49 shape grids? Do you want to learn on which of the seven rays you were born on and use that knowledge to learn more about yourself and your abilities?

If any of these principles are of interest to you, then taking this advanced Light Language course is a must!


This is a 2 part initiation course. In the first part you will receive downloads that will awaken your 12 chakra grid system and you will learn how to create 12 chakra grids for living beings as well as for ideas and ideals. You will receive new shapes and colors that will expand your consciousness and go beyond what you already know having taken the 1st and 2nd level of Light Language.

In the second part you will learn your personal Ray and the wisdom it emcompasses as well as the colored shapes that will activate more of your personal characteristics. You will learn about which Ray works with which Archangel and Ascended Master and how to bring these energies in to your life.

As a bonus you will learn more about how to use community grid titles to include your personal interests in grids, and a high magic technique called the energy vortex.

This Class has a duration of about 10-12 hours and it costs $379. Also if there is an interest of 2 persons or more for a specific class, there is a discount of 20% off for each person. If your currency is EUR, please contact me for payment options.


Duration: 1h

Have you been initiated to Mayan Light Language levels but still have questions?

Do some of your grids produce results but others don't? Are your titles full with energy, flowing and creating or are they dry and with no clear intention?

Do you need guidance as to how best to express your desires and needs thru Light Language? Do you know how and when it's best to use the Rays or the Catalan grids?

Are you clear on how to best format your story so the universe will be all ears? Maybe you are unclear how the energy works or shifts to create changes?


Turoting Sessions

All this and more are things that could be discussed in our tutoring sessions.

Energy Investment is $75.00 per hour.

Group rates for 2 or more people will be discounted.

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