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Most people who approach me for therapy have already come in touch with another therapist. And that's perfectly fine!  It is important to feel and see the difference between therapists. So as to gain distinction. When you go somewhere to find answers to issues of concern, it is not only the knowledge of the technique that counts, but the chemistry that is exchanged between two people who will work together, the mutual understanding, the therapist's empathy, his ability to dig deep the subject of concern but also the healee's willingness to cooperate.

No therapist will do "the work" for you, but they will be by your side to listen to you and bring your difficult points into the conscious surface! The tools I use are mainly Energy based but their results are beyond visible! I could skip the free 30 minute free consultation call...But I will not! You know why?

Because I want to listen to you first, to feel our vibe, to see if we can work together, to hear what concerns you, to find out if i can help you and then we can separately decide if it is worth investing in each other! If you listen to me and you don't like my style, or if I listen to you and I don't feel good with you, we're just not going to move forward. Fair enough; Yes, totally fair! for both of us.

Healing is the end of conflict with Yourself!

Στο nlp το λένε rapport, στo theta healing το λένε χχχ, στην αστολογία το λένε Να είναι συμβατοι οι πλανήτες, στο Light Language το λένε χχχ, οι θεραπευτές το λένε vibe και ο απλός κόσμος


Εχω περάσεις από πάμπολλους δασκάλους και ακόμη περισσότερους θεραπευτές για τον ευατό μου... Ξέρεις πότε κατάφερα να διορθώσω θέματα και να εξελίξω τον εαυτό μου;

Οταν ο άνθρωπος που εμπιστεύτηκα το μυαλό και την ψυχή μου μπόρεσε να....

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What our Clients Say...

Yora Healing reviews

Aggi Armenidou


I thank my teacher Yora from the bottom of my heart for teaching it to me. I thank her for the energy she gave me when we did the lessons (I miss her positive aura)!

For understanding my demanding schedule (we  always found time that was most suitable to me to attend the classes). 

For the way he taught, simple, clear, understandable, with many examples...! to make it easier for me to understand! with a lot of humor and at the same time seriousness.

Irene Giakoumi

it Consultant

Yora and I are working with theta healing and Mayan Light Language. The most important thing for me is that I felt safe with her since the first time we met.

Having an abusive past, that was a key factor for me. I needed to break free from these repeating and hurting patterns of my life. After 6 months I've seen a major change in myself which is obvious in my choices and my day to day life. I live the results of it and the change is deep, huge and wonderful!

Yora Healing reviews

Natassa Fonazaki


Light Language came in my life out of nowhere and although I took courses from several teachers, Yora was the one who made me understand, integrate and practice this magical language of the Universe. 

My life is in a constant evolution ever since and everyday I feel grateful about the way she teaches and spreads her knowledge generously.