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In a world where viruses are holding the forefront of our attention, I decided to create a service just for children.

To help you understand better the how's and why's I will briefly explaing what a virus is for me as an energy worker based on the biology of a virus.

A virus is not able to create its own ATP energy or store it, it relies on the host cell for energy. With this in mind, the energy of the cell will either attract a virus or rebuke it.

Working with energy all these years, I understand how to shift the energy of the cell to help it rebuke viruses and not attract them.

This is not a one size fits all approach. Each child will be analyzed separately. I will request a picture of the child and birthdate, including hour and place of birth (if you choose this type of service).

Upon initial consultation, I will speak with the parent to understand what difficulties they are having and to understand their needs.

Our Astrologer Natassa Fonazaki will review the child's birthchart noting details that will allow me to understand how the child's immune system works. Not only on a physical level but on energetic and spiritual levels as well.

By viewing the picture I will also notice possible deficiencies in minerals which are a game changer when it comes to immunity.

What you will receive?

-an astrology report regarding the child's immunity and the reasons why it maybe more or less sensitive to viruses/bacteria/parasites etc

-a report on the finding from the child's picture

-a 7 shape chakra grid that will shift the energy for the child.

-a second consultation about 2 weeks after the first chakra grid to see how the child's energy is shifting

-finally a choice of 49 shape intention grids or 144 life time immunity grid depending on the child's needs or a combination of both, as well as community grids that will assist in children's immunity in your area/school/neighborhood etc.

Energy investment for everything $300-$450, depending what type of grids will be required. A payment schedule can be made as the work to complete this will be approximately 6-8 weeks.

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