Hi! I'm Yora...

 I am here to help you create your ideal transformation! Together we will create profound shifts in your life, transmuting the inability to manifest to have a successful relationship or whatever your soul requires, desires and deserves! 

I will truly see you! Your spirit and soul and what you require! Be it working with Mayan light language in a personal session or in a class, mapping your DNA and creating substantial shifts, not only for you but for anyone related to you even distantly or by teaching you these modalities and tools to use in the rest of your life!

My story

Having lived and studied in both the USA and Greece, Yora started her career teaching special needs children and adults in schools, soon only to recognize that the system and how it worked was not for her. Being so, she set out on her journey to find ways to assist people in transforming themselves to being the best they can be. Her spiritual work started very early in her life as she came from a line of healers, watching her mum and her elders serve their small communities in their own way. Among other things, she has studied 4 body fit yoga, theta healing, psychology,and Mayan light language/sacred geometry. She spends her life travelling with her son worldschooling and working with women in all corners of the universe..


Yora Mitsakos is a Transformation coach/healer and teacher. She has been in the alternative energy field for over 25 years.

At the same time while studying Physiotherapy and Special Kinesiology, she was trained by George Kypriotakis (hypnotist, metaphysician and past life regressionist).

She went abroad where she continued her studies under Sierra Bender, creator of the 4body fit system and Yoga teacher. Through Sierra's method she worked with women who had been traumatized, abused or experienced depression and anxiety disorders.

She is also certified in Bikram Hot Yoga, Theta Healing, and has studied for years various methods of subconscious belief work, such as the Silva method.

She is a Mayan Light language teacher and practitioner, working with different disciplines coming from the Curandero (Shaman of Mexico). She specializes in DNA Cleansing and reprogramming through ancient techniques and knowledge, creating energy grids for assistance in manifestation, clearing patterns, beliefs and diseases ingrained in a person's DNA or energetic body.

She organizes workshops abroad and now in Greece for health improvement, manifestation, reprogramming of beliefs, mental and psychological health, and much more.

Through personalized healing consultations and transformative classes, I guide you to tap into your innate wisdom and find your own path towards a fulfilling life!!

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My goal is for YOU to bloom, to succeed and 

to be the best that you can BE!


Are you ready to take your life to the next level? My one-to-one transformation coaching sessions are designed to help you overcome challenges, set and achieve goals, and live your best life. Let's talk and see if we are a good fit!

Join my online workshops and gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your personal life. Engaging, informative, and interactive, these workshops are not to be missed!

Looking for a learning experience that goes beyond the basics? Look no further than my classes! With comprehensive instruction and a wealth of extra information, you'll come away with a deeper understanding and greater mastery.

Yora has remarkable spirit and is one of the most passionate, detailed, patient and efficient teachers I have ever had in 12 years of studying spirituality and healing. She has the mark of a truly devoted teacher fully dedicated to her craft. I am looking forward to taking another class with her. I was so lucky to have found her through the Catalans Class...

Teresa Garcia 


The most important thing for me is that I felt safe with her since the first time we met. Having an abusive past, that was a key factor for me. I needed to break free from these repeating and hurting patterns of my life. We go as deep as I need to identify, accept and change my beliefs that were rooted in me and (mostly) unconsciously directing my choices. After 6 months I've seen a major change in myself which is obvious in my choices and my day to day life... 

Irene Giakoumi

IT Manager

LI took a few classes and sessions with Yora and can heartily recommend her to anyone wishing to work with her. I was immediately drawn to her, as I recognised her integrity, sharpness, intelligence and depth of guidance combined with good humour and availability to answer any questions with great detail and care, just as any teachers should do. For me, sessions with her were both insightful and fun, providing me with clarity I was looking for and making it even more so enjoyable to work with her...

Katarina Stern


How to overcome your struggles without the burnouts

My products offer a unique approach that combines insightful guidance, personalized support and practical tools that empower you to break free from limiting beliefs and achieve your goals with ease.  With our solutions, you'll find a balance that works for you, so you can face challenges head-on with confidence and ease. 

With my guidance, you'll tap into your full potential and live your best life.