Little Known Ways to make a desire come true, even if you think you can't!

Have you ever wondered about WHY your goals are not reached, or your personal life is not as preferred, or your personal development is not as progressed? Do you know that your WILL is not the only reason for not accompishing your goals?

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I am a certified Yoga Teacher since 2008 and an Holistic Healer since 2017.  Light Languge technique changed my...

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Teaching for me is what I call "my ultimate purpose in life", but this is only a part of my uinque offerings, which include... 

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Yora has been 'playing' with energy since she was a little girl. She always knew that she had more to provide and do, she always knew she had to be of service somehow. Upon discovering Mayan Light Language she knew she had found her thing!! Although she is an intuitive and healer by nature, something was missing. Learning to speak the language of the universe, the language of vibration, her life started to change drastically and along with her, her people, her tribe started to experience how wonderful Light Language can be. She loves to teach people to heal themselves and to create and manifest the life they truly desire!

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What is your Inner Law?

12 Inner Laws are waiting for you to discover which dominates your life and lead your decisions. Find out yours but the end goal is not that...

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My Light Language online classes provide such deep knowledge and transformative experience that you could never imagine such a tool was ever existed!

Clear and Restructure your DNA

DNA clearings are used to remove health issues as well as clearing mental, emotional and spiritual debris carried in the family line that is not serving you...

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Praise and Testimonials

Light Language came in my life out of nowhere and although I took courses from several teachers, Yora was the one who made me understand, integrate and practice this magical language of the Universe.

My life is in a constant evolution ever since and everyday I feel grateful about the way she teaches and spreads her knowledge generously.

Natassa Fonazaki  Astrologer

I am extremely grateful for the grids you ve made for guinea pigs. Although I had lost any hope my girl responded to the vet's treatment against all odds.

My beloved Queen who suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and pericardial effusion, seems completely healed four months past now, thanks to the grids you ' ve made for her. 

Argiro Derou IT Support

My name is Agni and I had the pleasure of being a student of Yora. Why pleasure? Because while I'm not an easy person, I felt comfortable with Yora from the first moment! She is a wonderful teacher, an incredible person and I feel honored to have met her! As her student, I feel safe knowing that she will help me in a difficult moment by sharing her knowledge with me. 

Agni  Konstantinidi Travel Agent

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed...

It means the damage no longer controls your life!