An All Inclusive Transformational Retreat

 in Corinth|Greece|18-23 May 2023

Relax, Regenerate and Rebirth yourself while your kidos enjoy fun, activities and care in a safe and natural environment!

Beyond a Yoga Retreat... Beyond a Spiritual Journey... this is a life changing voyage into YOU!

Transform with Sekhmet

Your Dream mainland Destination in Greece

Join us in this immersive 6-day retreat where you will recognise and deal with those traits that are not of service any more. You will take a trip down the divine road of your Egyptian Neteru of Gods and Goddesses, all led by the transformational energy of Sekhmet. Regenerating every cell of your body, every organ and reconstructing your new self is what you will achieve through this 6-day experience with us. Guidance and divine intervention will be your gift on this journey.

This unique experience will be available to only 7 participants (with their kids), as we consciously prefer smaller groups towards bigger outcomes! One coach and two facilitators will be with you during the workshops so that you can feel supreme attention and best results in your inner process.

Transform - Regenerate - Rebirth!  It's the feeling you get when you are Sekhmetized!!

Let the nature set you free...


live the life-changing memory of your life

Sekhmet retreat Yoga

yoga sessions everyday

Be it Kundalini, Hatha or Goddess Yoga everyday you will immerse yourself in a practice supporting this journey, offered by a professional Yoga teacher and Energy Healer. Each session has been carefully planned to work synergistically with your transformative journey. Come, Breathe, Move, Release!

Sekhmet Retreat meditation

guided meditations

Starting from your arrival, Yora will teach you and guide you through each step of your transformation utilizing Guided Metitations, Healing Sessions and Energy Work. Heart Breath, Akashic Records, Divine Guidance; all these and more will be part of your journey, tools that will accompany you for the rest of your life!

Sekhmet retreat transformation

transformation process through sekhmet

From the minute you will meet Sekhmet, you will recognise her power and strength in your own being. You will travel through the Egyptian sites meeting the Gods and Goddesses that are part of your Neteru, releasing your fears, anxieties and holdbacks feeding them to Sekhmet and transforming, regenerating and rebirthing Yourself through this powerful healing process!


Regenerate your Soma this Spring!


Local, Healthy and Mediterranean, with Vegeterian option

All of the food being served is non-processed and locally sourced. More importantly, it is freshly prepared with lots of love from a professional cook. In other words, you can expect a unique Mediterranean home cuisine. We have created a healthy menu for all tastes for you to indulge. For breakfast, we will be serving delicious smoothies, fruit bowls, juices and teas (coffee is always an option). Lunch, as the main meal will be composed of fresh meat/fish, vegetables and pasta/rice. Dinner will be the lighter option with a variety of salads, cheese plates and freshly baked bread. However, vegetarian options are always available.

Experience the delicious Greek cuisine...


Sleep in a bioclimatic house and feel the difference at once!

Is it a 5-bedroom, 3-storey, eco-villa with a natural swimming pool surrounded by olive groves and mountains or a hotel right on the beach? Both are an option for your stay for this immersive but relaxing transformation. If you choose the villa, there is a choice of sharing a bathroom on the bottom floor for a reduced cost or having your own at the cost mentioned. Of course if you prefer more privacy or have more than one child than the hotel room would be your best choice. Spaces are limited for both options so let us know what works best for you! All workshops will take place in the villa or on its grounds. If you choose the hotel, someone from our team will pick you up and return you there at the end of the day, at no extra cost. For more details, please refer to FAQs here or contact us here.


Yes, if you want an   All-inclusive transformative experience

Child-care provided

Accomodation and Food

Yoga and Meditations

In English Language


A 6-day Unique experience for transformation, relaxation and connection with like-minded women

Are you ready to let go of all that is holding you back?

Do you have fears and anxieties that rule your life?

Are you ready to regenerate energetically and physically all your bodies?

Can you imagine practicing morning yoga surrounded by an olive orchid?

Looking for a holiday full of relaxation & self-work at the same time?

Do you need some time alone but also desiring to bond with like-minded people?

Did you finally find the chance to have your child with you while doing self-evolving work?

Do you long to taste greek food and an amazing greek sun?

Are you prepared to live a life-changing experience?

Your Instructors: Yora, Tara and Natassa

Sekhmet retreat venue

About us...

Yora Healing profile

Yora Mitsakos

mayan light language teacher and transformation coach

Having lived and studied in both the USA and Greece, Yora started her career teaching special needs children and adults in schools, soon only to recognize that the system and how it worked was not for her. Being so, she set out on her journey to find ways to assist people in transforming themselves to being the best they can be. Her spiritual work started very early in her life as she came from a line of healers, watching her mum and her elders serve their small communities in their own way. Among other things, she has studied 4 body fit yoga, theta healing, psychology,and Mayan light language/sacred geometry. She spends her life travelling with her son worldschooling and working with women in all corners of the universe. 

During the retreat, she will be the Master facilitator and your transformational guide!

Tara Kanti

psychologist, holistic healer and yoga teacher

Having studied Psychology, Education and Human Rights in Greece and Austria, experienced in Arts, Dramatherapy, Singing and Somatics, she has worked for years in international organizations serving as a teacher and reference person of refugee minors from all over the world. Noticing the tension and blockages we all experience in every aspect of our contemporary and extremely fast lifestyle, she was keen on devoting herself to yoga practice and alternative therapies to bring about healing and balance in her life as well as others’. Nearly six months in ashrams with everyday classes, rituals, dips in GangaMa and so many more have been a totally transformational life experience for her. Women’s circles, shamanic rituals, community work, psychotherapy, Mayan Light Language practices, a perfect blend of the western and eastern philosophies, have been the fountain providing her with energy to walk her new path.

During the retreat she will be your Yoga teacher and one of the workshops' facilitators!

Yora Healing reviews

Natassa Fonazaki

certified astrologer and mayan sacred geometry practitioner

As a genuine Neptunian child her whole life has been around providing something to other people. The target group was not of importance as long as it included Service in it. After completing a two-decade carreer as a bank executive and almost a decade in tourism sector, she shifted her orientation to more spiritual but still practical tools and methods in order for her to touch the core of people's blockages, restrictions and fears.

Raw foods nutrition, Aromatherapy, Theta healing, Sacred Geometry and Astrology gave her knowledge and confidence to dig deeper into people's unhealed trauma or wounds in order to be acknowledged, confronted and healed!

During the retreat you will meet her as a facilitator but mostly as the behind-the-scene person regarding onganizational, administrative and communication issues.

Come, Breathe, Move, Release...


for both, one mother and one child*

One-time Payment


  pay until     Apr 15th

Early Bird Price

until Mar 15th 2023


best choice

Monthly payment Plan


1st deposit until Mar 15th

* Pricing depends on number of children and type of accommodation. The prices on the tables include one child and room with a private bathroom in a villa or in a luxury hotel. For the available bedrooms with a shared bathroom in the villa (reduced price is provided), or for more children, please contact us here.
** you can find out what is included in the price and what not here

Retreat Questions and Answers


  • 5 nights in the bedrooms of a villa or in a nearby luxury hotel
  • Yoga sessions once or twice a day
  • Healthy, local food, all meals of the day included
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for you and your kids for days 2-5. At day 1, only dinner will be served, at day 6 only breakfast will be served.
  • Teas and coffee
  • Fresh fruits from local farmers' market
  • Sauna 
  • Natural pool swimming
  • Jacuzzi at the stairs of the swimming pool
  • Linen, towels and sunbed towels
  • Yoga mats and soft pillows
  • Transportation to and from Corinth train station (direct route from Athens airport)
  • Transportation to and from the hotel, during workshops
  • Child-care during your workshops and yoga sessions


  • Airfare or any other transportation expenses
  • Car rental expenses (if you use any)
  • Travel insurance
  • Not all meals during days 1 and 6 are included. Read the previous section 
  • Extra day accomodation cost (6th night is optional)
  • Any extra meals that are not included in the package
  • Toiletries
  • Cost of extra-curricular activities
  • Taxi fares from or to the beach (4km away) for entertainment or shopping.
  • Relaxing massage sessions are provided upon request
  • One-on-one sessions with our instructors (Astrology and Mayan Sacred Geometry consultations). Reduced prices will be provided during the retreat period.

Children and child care

  • At this time we are prepared to accommodate moms with one child, aged 4 and above.
  • Child-care is provided during the workshops with your instructors.
  • Yoga and meditation will be available for the kids 8 and above.
  • For moms with more than one child, please contact us to discuss options if possible.
  • As our child care providers are not trained to work with neurodivergent children, we will not be able to accommodate you at this time.
  • The villa is a private property so use of swimming pool for you or your child is of your own responsibility. No life-guard is available.
  • The pool does not require chlorine or other chemicals for its maintenance, as it is based on biofilters, so use of creams, suntan or body lotions is not permitted without shower first.

What you need with you

  • All yoga levels welcome
  • Sport or walking shoes and light clothes
  • Swimwear for you and your child
  • Your own toiletries
  • Open mind and forgiving heart
  • Be open to transformation, even if it seems painful at first
  • Cancellation Policy

    Due to limited seating, please understand that you are holding a spot so reservations for this event are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend, you can only transfer your spot to a friend or another participant. Only in that case your deposit will be refunded, minus any bank or money transfer fees.

    Other useful info

    It is suggested that you use the Athens airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) as it is the closest to the Retreat venue. From there, there is a direct suburban train to Corinth city. Transfer from and to the station (Day 1 and Day 6) will be arranged by our team and it is free of charge. 

    If you have other questions, please contact us here!